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    The plastics and polymers industry is getting an increasing attention from various user industries as well as environmentalists. While there is no doubt about the utility of plastic as the favored material especially in the electrical components, textiles and packaging industries, environmentalists are concerned about issues such as biodegradability and the harmful effects of using plastic material. All this action in this industry creates the need for a magazine that can give an intelligent analysis of these issues and give insights into the latest technological developments, government policies and environmental issues. The Economic Times publishes ET Polymers journal to cover all these topics and more.

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    The Times Journal of Construction and Design aims to be the most reliable source of news, views, analysis and management tools for the industry. It presents case studies that give readers valuable insights into use of management techniques in their business. It focuses on the use of information technology to improve the efficiency of their designs. It also analyses macroeconomic issues such as the impact of government policies on the construction industry.

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  • Food Processing

    Times Food Processing Journal is a useful source of information for providers and users of food processing technology. Manufacturers and suppliers of plant machinery and ancillary equipment used in food & beverage industry.The magazine gives regular updates on the industry to government agencies; educational institutions associated with the food processing industry get their regular updates on the industry through Times Food Processing Journal.

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  • Machinist

    The Machinist magazine aims to give the decision-makers in the manufacturing sector a well-researched update of the latest trends in this industry that would directly help them improve the efficiency of their manufacturing process. Also to facilitate learning from the experiences of manufacturing companies across the world, The Machinist now has an extensive coverage of international topics in manufacturing.

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    The aim of the Retail Biz magazine is to act as an interface for the different communities within the industry, helping companies do business by providing trade leads for buying / selling, and partnership opportunities. What we want to give to our readers is not just information on the industry but also analysis of retailing strategies that are likely to succeed in the Indian retail environment.

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  • Shipping

    India is among the top 20 maritime nations in the world.. The long coastline and the large number of ports have made shipping a crucial activity for the rapidly growing Indian economy. India's greatest strengths as a maritime nation are its ship breaking facilities and the high quality maritime manpower. The Indian Shipping Industry is worth $ 5.5 Billion (Coastal + Overseas) - The fact that 68% of Indian exports (in value terms) and 90% (in volume terms) is carried out through shipping bears testimony to the fact that the development of the shipping industry in India is pivotal to the overall growth of the Indian economy. To live up to its potential it is important for the industry to tap its internal strengths through better communication and exchange of ideas, products and services between the players in the industry.

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